We Make Things Fun by Giving Awards to Top Webcam Sites!

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions!

How do you know which sites to place on the best 10 list?

By testing out all webcam sites our team can come across. Our team gives each webcam site grades for designing, layout, usability, all features, pricing, etc. Our team then adds user’s feedback to the grades. By summarizing those grades and grades from several other aspects, our team can come up with one global grade for each site; then our team place the sites in order.

I don’t see my favourite webcam site listed here; should I let you know about it?

Of course, do it! Although our team is already swamped with webcam sites to test out, we love adding new webcam sites to our list. If user knows of a webcam site that isn’t listed here, let us know and our team will add it to our list of sites to test if it’s not already there.

Are all of the webcam sites listed are free?

No, not all of the sites listed at WebcamSites are free to use. Many of the sites have free features and some are 100% free, but not all. Please read each webcam site’s review for more pricing details.

Is all of the webcam site s listed for adults only?

No, there is some webcam site s that is available for people of all ages. Please read each webcam site review in order to see whether or not a webcam site is for adults only.

Are any of these sites is frauds?

No, these webcam site s have been tried and tested by our team. Our team has become members at every site listed on WebcamSites and our team would never list a fraud on our list of best webcam site.

Who picks out the award winners?

Using user feedback, our own user experience, special algorithms and many other factors, our team pick the winners for each award.

I had a bad experience with a webcam site; how can I make you aware of it?

• If user has had a bad experience with one of the webcam site s listed here, please let us know by using the contact form.

• User can find the contact form here: http://webcamsites.com/contact-us.html

When are the awards handed out?

All awards are presented in January for the previous year. Check back regularly in January to see which webcam site has won which award.

How can I contact WebcamSites if I have some question about the webcam site, proposition idea to make it better or an inquiry on a partnership?

Our team would be happy to hear it from user and you can contact us with email, or filling our form