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Cams Overview

Camarads has a little bit different concept than some of the other voyeur sex cam websites that are out there. You can find individuals with cams in their apartments, and you can also find couples sex here as well. Some voyeur cam website specifically focus on people living their normal lives and having sex as they normally do. This website has a little bit more of a focus on the people who are watching, with many of the women on the website focusing on the cameras, as they do know where they are. If you catch people while they are online and having a show, you get the benefit of the best angles and visuals and since they know you are watching.

Site Features

Get access to multiple rooms in people's apartments, watch people getting it on live, check out replays of your favorite shows for 24 hours or more, and get access to the top memorable recorded voyeur moments.

Pricing / Hidden Fees

The pricing for this website is straightforward, with a monthly premium membership needed to get access to all of the content on the website. That said, there is plenty of free fun to watch as well. Many of the sex scenes and sexual interactions on the website are over 20 minutes in length, though most of them are closer to 10.

User Benefits

Getting a combination of people in their normal sex lives getting it on and people who are aware that the cameras exist and are focusing on having sex in the best angles while you are watching provides tons of benefits.

Drawbacks / Complaints

People who are looking for pornstars will not find them here, and you will need to get a premium membership in order to get access to all of the content on the website. There is a some free content, however, and it is rotated over time.

The Bottom Line

Camarads brings a combination of positives from traditional sex cam sites and voyeur webcam sites. By combining different aspects of each of these, Camarads has put together a fantastic package that comes highly recommended.