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Cams Overview

Fans are absolutely loving Cougared as a website, and there are many reasons for it. The site has an easy layout, and because cougar dating is a trend that has been growing for several years now, its popularity continues to expand. Cougars are interested in younger men for many reasons, including their zest, energy, and excitement about life. Younger men are enthused by the experience older women have, and their confidence speaks out to them. Find the best dates here using the many features on the site. This review will cover the pros and cons of Cougared, and give you some tips on how to navigate the site.

Site Features

There are many features at Cougared, the biggest of which is that the site is free. Taking just 30 seconds to create an account, Cougared brings real people together for dating, conversation, and more. There are thousands of members from around the world on the site, and there are no hidden costs. Many dating websites try to sneak in hidden costs and fees, but Cougared does not, which is commendable.

Cougared is a dating website specifically designed for older women and younger men. The site has many social options, including photo personals, blogs, forums, and more. There are quality dating partners on the site, and the specialization of cougar dating means a much higher likelihood of finding what you are looking for quickly and easily.

When you sign up for a free account at Cougared, you can put in as much or as little information as you would like. Of course, adding a picture to your profile, as well as basic information, will get you the most interaction. One of the nice things about not being required to add a lot of information, however, is you can quickly get into the site and see what it is all about before investing a ton of time in it. That said, the site offers great features and is easy to use. Most people do not join enough dating websites to really get the results they want, so signing up for three or four of them is ideal.

Pricing / Hidden Fees

Cougared is a free website.

Drawbacks / Complaints

Unfortunately, some profiles do not have very much information on them. Stick to the profiles that have pictures and the many profiles that have information about potential suitors, and you will be great.

The Bottom Line

Creating a great environment for older women and younger men to meet each other for dating and fun is the goal at Cougared, and they have done a fantastic job. The website is down to earth, and the community is relaxed. Members on the site are randomly checked to verify authenticity, giving even more benefits happening behind the scenes. Photo files that are added to the site are manually screened as well. The site does everything it can to keep spammers away, which is yet another reason that Cougared is incredibly popular.